Goldie has gained recognition for his prolific works academically with the awards of honorary degrees in the last seven years for Arts & Music, Professor Thames Valley University (London), Doctor of Social Sciences at Brunel University (London) and Doctor of Design and Art (Wolverhampton).

Perhaps one of the greatest tributes to Goldie’s work is that he was recently voted by the public into the Top 60 of the ‘New Elizabethans’, the most influential leading figures in HM Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, alongside luminaries and public faces that are a major part of history including David Attenborough, Margaret Thatcher and Sir Edmund Hillary.

November 2011 saw ‘Mary Lane’, a small canvas edition of ten, sell for an astonishing £18,000 at Petra Ecclestone’s Great Ormond St charity gala.

In a special collaboration with Adidas, Goldie created the ‘Athleticizm’ collection consisting of fourteen paintings of Britain’s leading Olympic hopefuls. The artwork attracted both BBC and Sky News exposure in this important year. 

2012 also saw a dedicational piece for the Diamond Jubilee with a pop-art tribute to the Queen; ‘Single Petal of a Rose’ has attracted interest and praise from HRH Prince Harry.

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