Artist Mal-One is the epitome of punk rock! His love for the scene and genre is second to none.  He grew up in the same neighbourhood as the Sex Pistols' Steve Jones and Paul Cook, where Steve stole his bike when he was seven years old!

Being immersed from an early age in the punk scene has led Mal-One to have a great knowledge of this movement and this, alongside having one of the largest punk collections in the world, has allowed him to pursue his dream to create art and spread the love of punk rock.

Mal-One celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Punk Rock movement with his awesome debut show 'Class of '76', where music, fashion and youth culture collided for the first time.

Mal-One boasts many other successful art exhibitions throughout the UK; 'Never Mind The Punk 45', 'Punk Rock Is Back' and 'Anarchy In Folkestone' to mention a few.  He has exhibited alongside other great artists including Sir Peter Blake, Banksy and Retna.  Mal-One has also released a debut album entitled 'It's All Punk Rock' with numerous singles released from it. He can also credit to his name a 'Punk Times' newspaper and a phenomenal book 'World's End', which covers the rise of the Sex Pistols and 430 Kings Road, even Paul Cook from the band couldn't believe the attention to detail.

Most recently he has worked on the set of the forthcoming Danny Boyle TV series 'Pistol' based on a memoir from Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones.

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